Hey buddies , one of my friends asked me today what’s the meaning of your tagline ?

Are you too wondering ?

Well if you see it’s as simple as complicated.

We live in a world where we have logics and faith , science and miracles ,  calculations and karma also not to forget love and judgement .

Here I focus on the last one  LOVE OR JUDGEMENT ?

Before I begin I need to make very clear that these are my personal opinions and if you disagree with anything , we can talk on it anytime like adults.


We hear phrases like “Love is blind ” , “Everything is fare in love” , “Love sees no boundaries” etc etc it goes on and on and on. We have our Bollywood movies in India to justify each and every quote ever found on love and I’m not kidding here. People fall in love and decide to live happily ever after. Happens right ? We believe in it. We love a person and believe they’ll love us forever. We love god and believe he’s there , no matter where but he’s there. What gives us that immense strength to stand by that love despite the fact that we are unaware of what’s in the future for us ? It’s belief. Belief that everything’s going to be fine. Belief that no matter how good today is , there will always be a better tomorrow. Or even if you’re going through something bad in your life , that belief keeps you going.


Where as JUDGMENT my friends knows the right and the wrong. It has the power to think , decide and prepare an individual for tomorrow. Where love encourages you to believe , judgement gives you the freedom of doubt. Now it completely depends on your capability how to use this doubt. Here you don’t wait for a surprise rather build one for yourself. You be with a person not by who he is but what he is. This way you give a chance to yourself to think about where you are actually going with the people you befriend , fall in love or work with.There’s nothing wrong in giving it a second thought. You have better understanding on a longer term , you’ll expect exactly the right amount from them and have lesser heartbreaks and you won’t regret about your decisions.

It’s up to you to think or to believe.

So, choose wisely !!


I DO. DO I ?


I love him. Do I ?

How many times have you asked this to yourself ? At that point of time when everything seems great and you feel blessed to have the love of your life by your side and suddenly a question pops up – do I really love him ?

Do I love the man for who he is or do I love him for what he has to give me ? OR vice-versa.

I don’t know about you but this question once confused me a lot. That’s ridiculous ! I know that. But I ask myself a lot of times will the love be as strong as it is now when he looses the money , job , health , friends or even family ? When you are all he has and this time it’s in literal meaning. Scary ? Will the fear be able to overpower your love ?



Well that’s your call to decide which way you want to move. But before that , give it a fair chance before moving ahead. As I said before , I’ve given it all amount of thought it requires , just like 20 something girl would do. But it actually made me a wiser woman somewhere down the line.

Let’s talk about all the flaws that can pull you out of your relationship.

Money. Babe why depend on the other one when you are smart enough to make your own fortune. Focus on yourself , be selfish and mean towards your own. It ain’t gonna harm anyone.

Job. For that , I must say the attitude matters more than having a job or not. If he loses his , the way he deals with it is more important. I don’t find any reason to leave him if he has the right attitude.

Health. A woman with modesty will never give up on her man. Yes sex would be less but chuck it , I’d suggest you buy it but then it should be just like a movie. You buy a ticket , enjoy it and then leave it right there. If you’re doing that you’re just buying pleasure but DO NOT compromise on your loyalty. I’ll talk about it in detail later.

Friends & Family. You can’t compel anyone to be with you. It’s there choice.


If you’re thinking about the future you’re going to have together , what should it be that holds you together until death puts you apart ? Think about it. Everyone has a good soul. But not everyone shows the good in them. If you really love them , find a way to their goodness and hold on to it. If not , this world is full of infinite types of people.

But before saying ” I DO ” ask yourself first ” DO I ? “.



Chale the saath mein zindagi ki raah mein

Jaane kis mod pe do raahein ban gayi

Khele the jin khilauno se saath mein

Jaane kis mod pe wo sirf yaadein ban gayi

Baante the har khushi saath mein

Saath baith kar roye bhi the

Na jaane kin taaron mein ulajh gayi hai zindagi

Khushi mein shaamil toh hote hain

Par aansoo bhi muskuraa kar chhipaane lage

Yaad hai wo luka-chhupi ka khel ?

Khelna abhi bhoole nahi

Par na jaane kis mod pe wo khel bhi kho gaye

Aa gaye hain itne door chalte-chalte

Ki dooriyon ka thikana nahi

Kho gaye hain itne apni raahon mein

Ki faaslon ka bhi fasaana nahi

Kiye the kuchh waade ki kabh na bhoolenge dosti ko

Un waadon ka kya ?

Pataa nahi

Thaame the jo haath ek dusre ke kabhi

Un haathon ne thaam li zimmedaari itni

Us nishchhal prem ka kya ?

Pata nahi

Sach , waqt badal deta hai sab kuchh

Toh main aur tum kya hain

Iski kathputli toh hain hum sabhi

Jo khushi aur gam k mausam mein jeete hain

Sach , waqt badal deta hai sab kuchh

Toh main aur tum kya hain



When I see the stars

Your presence out there tears me apart

Sometimes I wish to come to you

Sometimes I want to go back past years few

I wonder if I never answered that call

I would’ve never believed that you’re gone

Didn’t want to see you even for the last time

Just wanted to live in memories that were mine

The shell over me was crushed so bad

Everything stood still

Making me mad

” I am just a call away “were your monotonous words

Whom do I call now in this empty world ?

I know somethings are meant to happen

But the acceptance is what always saddens

Yet I stay strong in here

Your soul guards me and I have no fear

But sometimes when I see the stars

Your presence out there tears me apart.


I nurtured trees

I created animals , I created life

There was soothing greenery in me

There was a peaceful blue

The joy of wind was undefined

The fragrance of colors I confined

I loved everything in me

I cherished everything in me

That endless beauty was monotonous

I appreciated everything I saw

And it was fabulous

But today what I see

I can do nothing but cry

I’ve got nothing to do but yell and wry

The trees I nurtured with tender care

Poisoned air and pollution is all they share

The life I created is being destroyed

Death rate of my children is getting wide

The soothing greenery is turning into ash

Peaceful blue is now a black clash

Joyous wind became the rage of my anger

One more thing I created that makes me shatter

Social animals is what they say

My loving beloveds they prey

I stabbed me for there swanky desire

For them , I put myself on fire

I gave them birth

And they call me THE MOTHER EARTH

I find the tag worthless

What shall I say..I’m speechless

Oh my dear children

I need nothing from you

Neither any answer for what you do

Nor rapid action which may turn you blue

There is only one thing I beg

Save me before I completely shed

Love me the way I love you

Maybe one day everything would again turn new.


68802368-tears-wallpapersI’ve always been good to you

I’ve always prayed happiness and joys for you

I’ve prayed god to give all your tears to me

I’ve prayed god to gift all your sorrows to me

I buried your love and hatred in me

Your sweet and sour memories are the only treasure with me

Your laughter , your talks..still beat in me

Every beat grabs you closer and closer to me

So close that I can’t think anything else

So close that I can’t think of anybody else

Though you say you don’t love me

Though now you say you don’t even know me

But this stupid chamber knows nothing but you

It loves nothing but only you

I don’t feel petty on me

But , was it this for what I was meant to be ?

Where do I say my sore

With whom do I share my sentiments

As always I was left alone

At every turn , at every part

This was my story and it’s me..a broken heart !




I’m not the perfect kid , just a poor nerd

I’ve got no perfection , my attitudes full of mud

Faded jeans and old tops , thank god they are in

For those are the only things I have to fit in

If you are the kind of guy who goes for an eye-candy

You can check many , Hotty-Totty!


All I’ve got is unconditional love

All I can promise you is

I’ll be there when the things are tough

No , I can’t promise you mini skirts

No , I can’t promise you the slinky way 

We can get a candle or two and light up my place

No lousy music , our talk might fill the way

A moment specially with you

All I’ve got is unconditional love

All I can promise you is

I’ll be there when the sea is rough.




Beneath every wry

There lies a memory of joy

Behind all tears

There falls a hope of sigh

Every night when a saddy goes to bed

” Gosh! another upcoming day “ always he said

But one thing he doesn’t know

What he wants to see , the destiny will show

” ALL DESERVE ALL ” is a universal rule

So why do we think ourselves a fool ?

Past needs to be taken as past

Because ” FOREVER ” nothing will last

One day is happy , another is sad

Once you are jolly , another moment you’re mad

Don’t forget…

There is peace after every flounce

And after every night there comes a dawn.


I don’t limit my dreams to this world’s sky

I’ve faith on myself and spark to fly high

” I can and I will ” are my only libretto

I promise myself to strive hard and never quit

In whatever plights I undergo

So what if I fall ?

So what if I loose ?

I’ll resolute my soul and flesh

To endure but never inure any ordeal

I swear not to trim my zing and zeal

I don’t limit my dreams to this world’s sky

Because my dreams have wings to fly more high

I talk of dreams yet familiar with reaity

I know the significance of discipline and punctuality

My procreator’s desire to watch me at zenith

Is my greatest strength and the only requisite

I’ll struggle , I’ll strive

To give them the gift of joy

Because I don’t limit their dreams to THIS WORLD’S SKY.